A mortgage refinance in Alabama is taking one home loan and replacing it with another, by paying off the first. There are a lot of reasons to refinance, especially when rates are at historic lows. Homeowners can: get a lower interest rate, shorten their mortgage term, get rid of a risky adjustable rate mortgage, and use home equity to put cash in their pockets. But is a mortgage refinance worth it right now in Alabama?

With rates at historic lows and home values rising rapidly. The answer is a huge YES.

Homeowners are currently sitting on trillions of dollars in unused equity, and home values have risen steadily, due to a shortage of available inventory in housing. There are thousands of homeowners who can give themselves a raise with a mortgage refinance in Alabama right now.

A mortgage refinance in Alabama comes in many forms.

A Cash-Out Refinance lets borrowers take the equity they have built in their home and turn it into cash. It can be used to pay off debt or make repairs or improvements to the house.

A Rate and Term Refinance can be used to shorten the length of the mortgage, allowing borrowers to save money on interest over the course of the loan.

Lowering mortgage interest rates with a mortgage refinance in Alabama can save hundreds of dollars a month for homeowners. That can be a car payment or make all the difference when it comes to paying bills every month.

As an added bonus, every mortgage refinance that we close in Alabama comes with two months off from making mortgage payments. Borrowers can really put some cash away in those two months, or use that time to get caught up on bills or just do something they love.

A mortgage refinance in Alabama is worth it when interest rates are so low. Turning a mortgage that a borrower has from a few years ago with an interest rate in the 4’s or 5’s into a rate in the 2’s or 3’s is a huge difference in a borrower’s lifestyle.


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